Kuperman CPA licensed mortgage agents offer FREE* residential and commercial mortgage arrangement services in Ontario, Canada. Among our clients are residents and non-residents mortgage borrowers as well as private and corporate mortgage lenders.​​

Fixed Rate mortgage rate usually fixed at a specific rate, for example 2.29% per year, and stays the same during the term of the mortgage

Variable Rate mortgage rate moves together with, for example, prime bank of Canada Prime rate

Closed and Open Terms mortgage options provide greater flexibility to a borrower since could be paid off anytime without substantial penalty

Insured and Uninsured mortgage options supplied by CMHC and to could be used when downpayment is less than 20%

High Ratio mortgage option requires borrower to bring minimum 5% downpayment

CHiP mortgage option very popular among home owners who prefer to stay in their houses instead of selling, for example bank pays lump-sum to a borrower NO immediate repayment required

Kuperman CPA staff specialises serving Self-employed, Stated income, Corporate owners, respected Retirees, hard working Commission earners, tireless Farmers, young and mature Students, Foreign employees and business owners as well New-comers always welcome!

Kuperman CPA team cooperates with 59 independent mortgage lenders. Our mortgage professionals are capable to arrange residential as well as rental property financing to virtually every client*. Our financing partners are CIBC, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, MCAP, CMLS, RMG Mortgages, Merix Financial, Duca and Meridian Credit Unions, Equitable Bank, Hosper Mortgage, ICICI Bank, Marathon Mortgage, Home Trust and other respected institutional and private lenders.

Kuperman CPA members will understand your mortgage requirements and serve as your trusted real estate financing agent. We focus on clients’ needs and find the best mortgage financing option for both personal and commercial properties located in Toronto area as well anywhere Ontario, Canada.